About New Forms

New Forms, is a young and dynamic company and network-agency, established in January 2004. New Forms is based in Nijmegen and Loenen The Netherlands (Europe). The primary target of New Forms is to do business with an open mind and to work on a long and stabile business plan with its customers and clients. Reliability, flexibility and being trustworthy are the keywords in the environment of the company in order to do business, and make it a success.

Providing high quality products and offering high expertise services, combined with competitive pricing, is our main ambition. In addition to that, we are working within a worldwide extended network. We have established business-contracts with several manufacturers and suppliers in China and India. Our contact network is reaching worldwide and is constantly expanding. These factors combined make New Forms a reliable company that is able to offer her customers a highly competitive offer on both quality and price.

´As a Networking Agency, that is always expanding in order to apply to the needs of her clients, New Forms ships worldwide´.

New Forms provides sample-material and small shipments, to bulk orders and contract work. Due the lab-time available to us, we are able to offer Custom Synthesis. New Forms will always consider the best option to deliver the requested product(s) to the receiver address or port of destination, specified by the customer, in time.

In case you would like to receive any additional information regarding the company New Forms, please verify the company details at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

If you still have any questions regarding the company New Forms or the products and services provided, please do not hesitate to contact us  at any time.

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